Shara Design

Our history

Muebles Shara is 16 years old, like the youngest daughter of its owners, husband and wife Yair Guerrero and Lina María Arcila. In fact, the store is named after her, who was newborn at the time and today - not a coincidence! - wants to study Interior Design. But what we wanted to say is that this story shows that excellence and truth go far. Below you will see why.

Muebles Shara was born on Paseo Bolívar in June 2007. After two years, the firm set up its own factory, also located in Barranquilla, which is exclusive for its warehouse. From the beginning, it chose to offer high-quality furniture, but with prices based on a fair profit margin, which made it within the reach of residents in the center and south of the city. That was its initial market. But as time passed, people
strata with greater purchasing power were discovering the excellence of their designs and products, and thus the category of customers slowly rose.

These new consumers - who included political leaders and entertainment stars - made Yair Guerrero (Bogota) and Lina María Arcila (Caleña) see the need to open a point of sale in the north of the city. So, before establishing a warehouse in Cartagena, which is the second city on the Caribbean Coast to which they ship their products the most, and as was the initial idea, they chose to strengthen the new clientele of Barranquilla.